Elementus Triathlon Challenge

In the spirit of the Olympics ~ combined with our Elementus philosophy ~ we created our own version of a triathlon in order to encourage incorporating other elements of wellness into our daily lives.

TO COMPETE: Grab The Loop postcard, fill out your details and return to the front desk.

THE REWARD:  A chance to win a complimentary massage on us.  You have all month to enter; 1 entry per person.

THE GOAL: Spend some time in each discipline as often as possible on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

1st Discipline: Move

In addition to your sessions with your trainer here, pick a new activity that challenges or interests you that you can do for fun.  This helps keeps things fresh and exciting, keeps the body from reaching plateaus while engaging and stretching the mind in order to keep  it young. Ideas include: swimming, running and/or walking, volleyball, tennis, soccer, racquetball, handball, trampoline, golf, etc.

2nd Discipline: Restore
Stay after your session for a few extra minutes of stretching or foam rolling.  Take a calm yoga class .  Walk down a tree-lined street ~ such as University ~ for a few minutes before returning to work.  Or treat yourself to a weekly massage or other restorative body work.

3rd Discipline:  Decompress
The body and the soul can thrive when you give it space to “breathe” with down time.   Ideas include: laying in the grass, listening to relaxing music, people watching, reading a non-informative book, playing with your kids at the park or a board game, etc.