Fitness Trends: How to be safe

written by Holli McCormick

One topic we discuss here at Elementus often is the newest – or not so new – fitness trends we see making a surge in the world.  As personal trainers with over 10+ years in a relatively “young”  industry, we have seen lots of trends come and go over the years.  From the shake weights to the whole body vibration machines, from TRX to Zumba Toning, from U-Jam to Paddle board Yoga – as a participant it is fun to get involved in these new trends to spice up your workouts.

They may look shinny and new and promise BIG results…the bottom line is they might not be the best or safest form of exercise for every individual.  Look to answer these questions with any new class or workout you are considering:

  • What is the science behind the tool or class style? What is this class or tool promising to do for me?  Is it realistic?
  • What do the studies say?  Is there enough data out there to support their claims?
  • What do other people I know in the industry (personal trainers, group fitness instructors, coaches, athletes) say about this tool/class?
  • Is it safe for me?

While many forms of exercises may be beneficial ~  a personal, individualized approach is always the safest route to take to reach your goals.  This doesn’t mean that the high intensity boot camp is not right for you, it might just mean that there is another form of exercise that will better match your current fitness level as well as help you achieve success in maintaining an exercise program in the long run.   If you don’t know your level of fitness and the safety with any given exercise or tool, please do not hesitate to contact us or search for a personal trainer in your area to help you evaluate this.

With that being said, today’s fitness tip comes from ACE (American Council on Exercise) and Jessica  Matthews – an Exercise Physiologist and media spokesperson for ACE.   Jessica evaluates 3 of the hottest trends right now – plyometrics, kettlebells and HIIT training – and gives you pointers on how to make this a possible fit for you.

NOTE: We are excited to announce we are in the process of developing several more flexible workout options that will be using a variety of techniques to spice up your your workouts and get you moving.  The great news is all these options will be supervised by trained coaches to ensure safety and answer your questions.  Like us on Facebook to keep up to date with the development of this exercise program!

What are some common mistakes people make with popular fitness trends and how can I avoid them?