Series: 10 Ways to Control Your Weight

written by Holli McCormick

Do you believe that making changes are possible?  What type of behavioral changes do you need to make to affect change?   What type of psychological characteristics facilitate change?  Lastly, do those changes last, forming new habits that become “automatic” as part of your life?

The doctors have boiled down the research to some important results for the rest of us.  I will be sharing all 10 here and then will tackle each one, giving more information and tips, in an individual post over the next couple of weeks.  Without further ado:These and other questions are what Dr. Rena Wing and Dr. James Hill set out to answer by starting the National Weight Control Registry (  Many believe that successful weight loss maintenance is something few of us can fully embrace.  In order to disprove this myth, the registry was started in order to capture and evaluate the behavioral and psychological characteristics of those that maintain weight loss.   The Doctors began the registry in 1994 which has expanded to over 10,000 individuals who have lost significant amounts of weight and kept it off for a significant amount of time.

  1. Control Portions
  2. Be Mindful
  3. Exercise
  4. Check the Scale
  5. Eat Breakfast
  6. Monitor Intake
  7. Turn off the tube
  8. Start today and avoid cheating yourself
  9. Know thy friend
  10. Be Optimistic

Stay tuned for your daily dose of encouragement on the road to improved wellness!