Personal Training

The Elementus Training Team possesses various accredited certifications and degrees within the related fields of Exercise Physiology and Sports Science.  Through our applied knowledge and years of experience, we ensure our clientele receive the best in personal training, while making each session enjoyable and fun.


Rates vary depending on the trainer.  The following sessions start at:

1-on-1 Session

30 minutes                $65

60 minutes                $110

2-on-1 Session

30 minutes                $45 (per person)

60 minutes                $75 (per person)

Meet our TRAIN Team

  • Bryan Gomez
    Bryan Gomez
  • Erik Heywood
    Erik Heywood
  • Scott Kolasinski
    Scott Kolasinski
  • Ryan Manuel
    Ryan Manuel
  • Johnny Nguyen
    Johnny Nguyen
  • Jody Peterson
    Jody Peterson
  • Daphne Pogson
    Daphne Pogson
  • Mark Seto
    Mark Seto
  • Florendo “VJ” Villena
    Florendo “VJ” Villena
  • Erica Weston
    Erica Weston
  • Detrick Wright
    Detrick Wright

Training Tips

  • What you practice in training goes with you beyond the training room doors.
  • Breathing is a powerful tool not only when working out hard, but also in meditation.
  • Don't forget to take a little breather when exercising, no matter how hard your intensity is for that day.