What are in your thoughts?

Are you tired of repeating the same behaviors over and over again, feeling as if you have no control over them?  Do you think you are entrapped in cycles that are unproductive and energy sapping?  Do you see yourself living a more abundant life yet are not sure how to get there?

A great place to start moving those behaviors to where you want them is to start tuning into your own thoughts.  Many times, we are on autopilot going about our day and do not realize that our behaviors are driven by our feelings…which in turn are driven by our thoughts.  You do not necessarily have control over your feelings – yet you do have power to control those thoughts that are driving the feelings.  You do have the power to capture your thoughts, analyze them and move them in a more positive direction.

The first step in tuning into your thoughts is often times starting with your feelings.  Working back from your feelings, then you can start to realize what thoughts you were having just prior to the feelings that came up for you.

For the next 7 days try writing down your feelings in the morning, at noon and at night and then writing down what drove that feeling.

If you want to join this challenge – follow this link.